in a strange, new place

one root canal, 5 fillings, a two and a half hour delay, and a cramped seat in the flight to heathrow – after all of that, i have finally arrived in the UK for my masters!

quite a nice way to start a blog!

well, i won’t go in the gritty details of my flight, except one warning – please do not order a non-veg breakfast! the chicken sausages will make you want to inflict unspeakable tortures on the food manager of the airline. now don’t go on asking the name of airline.

i slept through most of the journey. wish i’d booked a window seat. mountains of clouds…and the plane flying right through them…the city appearing like a photograph in the lab…well, anyway, i stole my glances at the scene whenever i could. loved the way how the horizon looks like one line drawn across the endless expanse of bluewhiteorangeandwhatnot. reminded me of my horseback trip down from vaishnodevi.

landing, security check, tube trip (yes! though it lasted hardly for three minutes), bus ride to penrhyn road campus, good lunch and interaction with the univ people, then a bus ride again to my accommodation at clayhill.

the place i am staying at is too good!! you look around, and you realise what ‘picture perfect’ means. the houses, cars lined in perfect order outside them, everything looks so much like a set right out of ramoji film city!! hahaha! i miss having a digital camera. would have sent everyone around a hundred pictures! maybe more…

took almost all of the stuff out of my bags. arranged everything in the cupboard and the computer cabinet drawers. the kitchen has separate cabinets for every resident. i packed mine up with whatever had been packed!! felt as if i were starting a new life!

my room

well, after all the unpacking and arranging, i had a nice bath and decided to go out, explore the place a bit on my own and find a calling card for my cellphone. went out to surbiton town (almost!). was awed by the scenery and the orderliness of the traffic! people actually wait to cross! hahahaha! imagine that in bombay…

walked for a long time before deciding to turn back to the halls. and as luck would have it, i managed to take a wrong turn! went into this place; rows upon of rows of beautifully made up houses, meticulously preened gardens, silence silence silence. the whole scene looked as picked from some fairy tale. taking it all in, i walked on, until it hit me that the light was getting low, and clayhill was nowhere to be seen!!! saw this nice looking old man watering his garden (at 730 in the evening!). asked him for directions. ditto to a young chap lining the back of his truck with what looked like canvas. and finally managed to find the place!!

it’s funny to note how the light changes here. it was bright and sunny when i left at 630. and by 8, it started getting dark. and how!


i’m going to the kitchen now to maky some noodles. they gave us some packed thingy at penrhyn. add boiled water and toiiinnngg!!!!! jackie chan’s stunts are slower!

back in some time.


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