first morning!

so, a fine english morning we have here, eh!

was pretty cold last night (note: buy new blanket). had kept my cellphone near the bed, just to see the time. got up, and saw it was 12:32!!! damn!!! i slept so much…! must be the cold. slept some more (another 5 minutes). and then as i sat on the bed, i realised that i hadn’t changed the time on my cell!! hahahahah!! it was actually close to 8 in the morning. never got up so early while i was back home.

brushed. did poo-poo and pee-pee! major problem – tissues! have to purchase a roll soon. bhushan gave me some terrific advice on how to use the paper for maximum result, which i do not wish to share here! i also do not wish to share how i have managed till now. kindly refrain from asking.

pasta & whole wheat bread

made coffee and pasta. they have hot plates here. the stacked fridge and cabinets give me a nice feeling. i know that i wont run out of food for a month at least!! hahaha! found some GOOD red pepper paste in the fridge. added almost a spoonful to the pasta. tasted good.

stuffing myself with pasta now. will take a bath and go out to shoot a bit round town. cya around.


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