first purchase!

went out at around 1pm to surbiton town to do some shopping! hehehe! looked around for a new sim for my cellphone. they have t-mobile, which seems ok.

then visited a photo studio to ask if they can get my film developed and made into a cd. 5.99 for developing & another 2.99 for cd. expensive, if you multiply by 83. am gonna wait till i get my student id…25% discount on almost everything!

bought pillows – 4 pounds for a pack of two – and toilet paper (eeeeeeeeeeewww!!) – four rolls for 1 pound. nice!

surbiton road

:: surbiton road ::

multiyork store

:: multiyork bed & bath store ::

took some good shots on the way to surbiton and back.


One comment

  1. hm.. ek kam kar figure out the shipping cost to India.. may be we can cut a cd at Rs.50 and ship it agian.. wat say!! welcome (welgo) to UK buddy.. it is fuc*ing expensive there.. dude..

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