sliding doors

sliding doors poster

hey! i forgot to mention one thing in my last post. saw this film – ‘sliding doors’ – on the flight. gwyneth paltrow and john hannah. it is about the unconscious choices we make and the resultant consequences, and how one move might change the course of everything that follows. the film presents two scenarios, both arising from just one moment where gywneth gets on a train, or doesn’t. she plays the lead character in two different situations. and she does it so well that it seems it’s two altogether different actresses. john hannah is too good!

the film features aqua’s (barbie girl, remember?) best song ever – turn back time. it’s a cover of cyndi lauper’s original song. i loved the video, and wanted to see the film just because of the way the central theme of the film comes on so perfectly through the video.

loved the film. watch it.



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