1. wrong answers 2. misinformation 3. reluctance.

…and the award for wrong answer for the millenium goes to prasad raut.

“how long does it take to boil an egg?”

it may please be noted that due to this bit of spectacular misguidance, yours truly has had to ‘drink’ a supposedly boiled egg from his plate.

contradictory to what maggi states, their noodles DO NOT take 2 minutes to get ready.

while i was washing my ‘boiled egg’ plate, a woman came by with a big yellow bucket. i asked her whether she stayed there. she looked at me for a second or two, and resumed washing her bucket. i asked her again what room she is in. she looked at me for a second or two more. “i don’t understand,” came the reply, in a very arnold schwarzenegger accent. She rushed out as if the-brown-guy-in-the-kitchen was gonna pounce on her! i guess that answer is a very convenient way to wriggle out of pesky foreigner situations!!


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