mr. hobs!

hobs. or hot plates.
these contraptions are the most idiotic and phenomenally time-consuming things that anyone ever put in a kitchen, second only to a certain mr. prabhu working for the Intercontinental in new jersey!!! trust me, i’ve been in the kitchen for the last one hour watching my dal and rice get cooked. nothing is more irritating!
back home, gas burners are so much more efficient and effective. boiling is no big deal, your food gets cooked pretty fast, and you KNOW that increasing the flame is gonna give you immediate results. but here with mr. hob, you have to wait. he will take his own sweet time to warm up, then maybe if his mind says so, he might go ahead and actually cook or do something worthwhile to the food you have entrusted him with! for a moment or two, i checked beneath the utensil for a flame!! also, looked around for a lighter to light the goddamn thing!

cooking with mr. hob is sure gonna be fun!

oh! by the way, i cooked dal and rice today! dal according to online assistance by ms. gauri akerkar ( i had completely forgotten to make dal!) due to the unavailability of cooking oil, a tadka was impossible. so i went ahead and made sweet ‘waran’. rice is not a problem.
am eating it now. the dal has not been cooked as it should have, thanks to hob’s indifference to providing good service. but it is eatable. enough food for tonight! heheh!

have to get up early. there’s a bus at 858 for penrhyn road. free ride provided by the univ. orientations and inductions start from tomorrow. also have a big shopping list to take care of…let’s see.


One comment

  1. plz surhud nxt time b4 askin me ne recipe make sure tuzya kade kay kay basic things ahet te?
    so it’ll help me 2 tell u easy reciepe…
    neways keep it up
    njoy cooking
    tak care
    hav a safe cooking

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