orientation, etc.


kingston university

:: penrhyn road campus ::

had the orientation today the main campus. got into the uni bus at 830 am. reached the campus in around 10 minutes. as usual, there was this huge swarm of students from all over the place, waiting out in the cold, wanting to be let in. they finally let us enter at 9, which was ok as they had to prepare and stuff. we were told to go in separate lines according to the first letters our last names, were given a sticker of our name and a LUNCH COUPON!!!! ahaa!!! food, at last:)

the orientation was pretty much like presentations we have back in our colleges…one powerpoint playing with a speaker going on about how great we are and what we can do and what we have done so far and this and that! then we had our lunch (two sandwiches, one packet of chips, a kitkat, a bottle of water, a very very nice chocolate chip muffin, and a green apple that i discreetly disposed of), and then made groups and followed the campus volunteers for a guided tour of the other campuses and of kingston town in general.

knight’s park campus

:: knight’s park ::

saw the place where my course will be conducted! awesome place!! conducive to art, design and architecture! it’s gonna be great.

then, we went to a lot of places around kingston. shopping malls, pubs, galleries, cinemas, shops shops shops! the main market is a great place to hang around. made me think of mussoorie!! we walked for quite some time, and all of our legs and backs began to ache as we were carrying our backpacks and jackets around for close to 3 hours! finally, the tour ended at the main campus. we were now free to do whatever we could! as if they needed to say that out loud…hahahah!!!


i’d prepared a big list of things i needed here in the kitchen . went out after the orientation to this place called wilkinson’s. its an all-in-one supermarket. they have anything that you might need in your home, except probably fresh vegetables (was too tired to go around looking for that!).

1. canister pack – steel dabbas for tea, coffee, salt, sugar
2. crisp & dry vegetable oil
3. food boxes – small ones for storing spices
4. brush – for cleaning toilet
5. cookies – pack of 3
6. orange juice
7. nivea lotion
8. plastic mug – no more tissues!!!!
9. big eat chicken pasta – 2 microwave packs
10. kingsmill whole wheat bread

grand total – 15.41

by the time i finished hauling all this out of wilkinson’s, my friends had left off. they stay quite far, and it made no sense for them to wait while i decided whether i should go for the 3 pack cookies for 99p or the mango chutney for 1.99. i was told that the last uni bus from the main campus to clayhill where i stay is at 630, and it was already 650!! i cursed myself for wasting so much time at a photo shop, looking at cameras i could not afford!! then i decided to walk till main campus and maybe find a bus from there. so…i almost dragged the two “you want a big bag, sir?” bags, which weighed 3 kgs each to the campus entrance and asked about the bus. and THANK THE LORD FOR HIS MERCY, the last bus was at ten past seven!!!

got on the bus, came home, took a hot bath, stacked up everything i’d bought, microwaved the BIG EAT, and started this post!

so there you have it!


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