picnic in canbury garden!

the uni had arranged a picnic at canbury gardens yesterday. we had to be there at 11, and so had to get the 10:10 uni bus from our campus. missed that one as i got up at 9:40!! hahahah! i was going with an indian girl called namrata, and a chinese girl named ‘fish’. yes! FISH! that’s her name.

“FISH? that’s your name?”
“yes! my chinese name is vely difficul to plonounce. so, it’s FISH.”


so, fish, namrata and yours truly set off walking towards canbury gardens with our picnic bags. i hadn’t carried anything to eat. luckily, namrata had packed some ham and egg sandwiches. the walk to the gardens is beautiful (i’m getting pretty short of words to describe how wonderful this place is!). we took some turns at kingston town center and came to the riverside. its typical riverside walkway, lined with quaint eateries named ‘the slug and lettuce’, ‘le petit frere jacques’ and the like.

riverside 1

:: riverside yachts ::

riverside 2

:: riverside restaurant ::

the river is terrific! i cannot describe how breathtaking the sight is! the huge wide river, the walkway lined with massive oaks (i suppose) with the ‘mohabbatein’ type leaves drifting around in the slightly chilly wind, the blonde-haired kids playing in the garden, yachts and their masts shimmering in the ‘fat old sun’, the swans swimming along as if they hadn’t a single care in the world, old men walking their funny little dogs…it’s the kind of scene you see in films and travel shows!

we found our uni group firmly settled in the garden. some were playing football, some were busy in their card games, some just lying around. and there was one group playing ‘cricket’!!!! obviously, i joined in. there were a lot of people, mainly girls from different countries and it was damn funny to explain the game to them, and see the quizzical expressions on their faces! they held the bat the wrong way, took runs throwing their bat and running in a circle (baseball!), called the bowler a pitcher, were very scared when a ball was hit their way! though, there was a girl who took some spectacular catches! really good ones:)

we played 6 matches, out of which we won 4.we were joined by two burly looking britishers for the last two matches. one of them was really funny and good at the game. the other was more aggressive and was hitting us all over the place!! he was like the terminator, unstoppable and destroying everything in his path! but, WE WON!!!!!! yaaaayyyyy:)

went to a departmental store called sainsbury’s. bought fresh veggies – cauliflower, chillies, cabbage, green peas, ginger, coriander. everything here comes in packets. the store is monstrous!

came to the room, stored the veggies, took a bath, chatted for a while, then made green peas!! the way i had made at home, with tomatoes and onions. was tired to get the potatoes out of their packet. it turned out perfect!!! had it with brown bread and some khichdi that priyanka (girl staying in adjacent room) had made. felt good!

so…that’s it. more later. bye:)


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