18th and 19th update


had to enroll at my faculty today. left home at 1230 after a good breakfast, which usually consists of –

  • four slices of brown bread, lightly toasted, with black currant jam (awesome!) and butter.
  • one banana
  • one glass of orange juice (reminder: get new pack)

there was a considerably long line at the campus. was smaller than the other faculties though. got in line at something close to one. we were intermittently being asked to join the ‘kayak club’, ‘life drawing’ pamphlets were being distributed, some scuba diving guys came along in their full gear…my turn in the line finally came at at 3! more than two hours…!
went up in the main enrollment hall. had to stand in two separate queues for another hour or so! finally came to the student finance area, where i was told that i’d have to pay up 250 pounds more as the payment i had made for my tuition fees was of a lesser amount. there go the travelers’ cheques! they suggested i enroll and siphon off the money from my accommodations payment towards the tuition fees. that was done. that was when i finally got my STUDENT ID!!!! yaaayyy!!! it’s in a nice blue cover, and it entitles me to student discounts wherever applicable. i will also buy another student card for ten pounds that gets me more discounts! hahahah!!
from there, i was directed to a little woman who asked me whether i stayed in the uni halls, and if yes, i’d have to register at their health center. i went along there. they took my medical card and said that i’d have to take meningitis vaccination! damn! another injection! ghastly memories of my recent root canal flashed before my eyes. everything started looking like a needle – the pen in the woman’s hand, her fingers, the eyelashes of a garishly dressed teen – all pointed at me!!!
i reluctantly stood in yet another queue. a guy called colvin there told me that he’d read some romanian author who said that ‘queuing’ was the british national pastime! i agreed with fervent nod of my head. well, as i was wondering what pains would be inflicted on me by the NEEDLE, it was my turn to go in! the nurse inside (why can’t we have such nurses in our hospitals??!) said, “so…you are here for a JAB!”
yeah right! jab jab jab jab jab!!! i told her that i am scared of injections, and she said that it was ok. she’d seen students who have fainted just by looking at one! fine. that’s encouragement. keep it up. good. she was very quick with it. you should have seen the speed with which i left from the health center!! hahahah!

well, from there, i went to the friendly neighbourhood MUNCH for a bite. i hadn’t had any lunch, so i ate a filling chicken burger. that place is well-known for overfeeding! was good.

came home. srinivas had bought a WHOLE chicken! ready to be roasted, grilled, carved and served piping hot. while we struggled with the oven and grill, priyanka decided to make some tadka rice with potatoes! she had seen her sister making some at home. she already had two guinea pigs with her. so we let her make the rice. finally, after a lot of waiting and seeing how the fat dripped from the chicken in the open grill, we had our first whole roasted/grilled chicken! it was good, not great. but we had made it on our own! had a nice full meal, and went off to sleep


today, i decided to go to thomas cook or some bureau of exchange to get the 250 for paying to the uni. walked a lot through surbiton town, took a turn and found myself where ameya and the guy stay! hahah! went to their flat and stayed there for the day. they have two girls moving in with them. so the landlord was there to make amendments to their contract and settling the payment break-up and stuff. had a nap for an hour as i felt tired. and the arm was hurting a bit from yesterday’s JAB!

long ditton ground

:: long ditton recreation grounds ::

cycle kid 1

:: cycle kids ::


evening sky

:: evening sky ::


:: some berries outside 30 windmill lane ::


:: autumn leaves ::

got up and took a very small walk around Long Ditton Recreation Grounds. it is a huge field with a skater’s rink on one side where some school kids were doing stunts with their cycles. got some good pics there from balu’s new digi. we left pretty quick from there as the icy wind started to freeze our hands! and it also had started to rain a bit…just a little drizzle. as all of us were hungry, we decided to get some grub to fill our faces with. went to this place called the charcoal grill. it’s situated between a whole line of indian restaurants. had spicy chicken wings and burgers.

the guys left for their place from there and i got into a uni bus that took me to clayhill.

well, as for now, i have to prepare dinner for myself. not particularly hungry though. might have some pasta…let’s see.

cya !


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