it rained!!!

today was eventful. i finally managed to hand over my film for developing at this place called JESSOPS at kingston town center. they charged me 6.48 for the developing and cd, and also gave me a film free!!! though its their own brand (400), it’s FREE! hahah! ameya too gave his roll. i have some 15 pics more in my b/w film,, which i intend to finish off by mid next week. that takes three weeks for developing as it is a b/w process film and not the regular c41 colour process. i thought of the time when we had made our own photographs in the college lab…that was a great time…actually the most fun i’ve had in my years at s.i.e.s. and i guess everyone with me on the course would agree. the ‘agitation’ for ten seconds per minute, accurately timed exposures, the developer and fixer tank images, appearing out of nothing!!! that is the best thing in the world! that is what puts analog photography above anything else!! EVER! will most definitely try to do that in my campus lab.

am thinking of doing my masters project with photography as the central subject. well, all that is a shot in the dark as of now. let’s see how things shape up from the 24th…that’s when classes start. have an induction on the 22nd where we will be shown around campus, meet faculty, discuss past projects, maybe chat up with some seniors. i had been to my campus (knight’s park) day before to ask about the dates and schedule for my course. saw the postgraduate section. it was like a set straight out of some art film! posters on the wall, seventies style sofas with randomly coloured lace covers, huge lampshades…and a lot of kids with their laptops (all apple, mind you!). felt good and also a bit apprehensive…MA communication design…!

well, after the film thing done, everyone was hungry. so we headed straight to the pizza hut close by. ordered a ‘pizza for four meal.’ here’s what we got –

  • one large and one medium pizza with two toppings of our choice
  • two starters of choice (we ordered some chicken crispy roll thing and garlic bread)
  • four deserts (three ice creams and one chocolate fudge cake)

carbonated cold drinks had unlimited refills.

all for 23.99. please do not multiply the final bill by 83!

now i know why most of the people i see here are on the better side of being a bit plump! had a really filling meal.

by the time we got out, it had rained!!!! we had a bit of it on our way to the photo studio, but it was a very slight drizzle. but when we got out, it had become a light shower. was very cold outside, and the wind…! we got back into the pizza place and waited.

with our stomachs more than full and the sub-zero wind lashing at our faces, we somehow managed to get to thomas cook, where i had to cash my travelers cheques as i had to pay my uni fees balance. took around 30 minutes to locate the outlet. it was stowed away like an old coat in a corner! got the money and headed straight to uni. the office had shut off for the day! i’d have to come again tomorrow till 1630. damn!

waited for the bus to my halls. it was a good 15 minutes late. had to bear the wind for that long. but the pullover i bought just a few days back is good enough. there was the regular chatter in the bus, which is good to listen to as you can hear different accents, and discussions about what everyone did in the day, and how the downloads do not work, and what to make for dinner tonight, and what shops have least prices…it sure is gonna be a great year ahead! i can’t wait for regular classes to begin. knight’s park is beautiful. there’s the hogsmill river running close by, with a nice blue bridge across it and yellow-orange-red leaves blown all around. picture postcard! can’t wait to see my pictures…am gonna go there tomorrow by 330. and yes…pay the balance…and open a bank account…and see what the freshers’ fair has to offer…maybe buy a student discount card…lots lots lots to do!

cya! luv ya. miss ya…ya ya ya!! hahah!


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