photos from my camera & a lot else

follow this link for pics from my camera. finally, got my film developed. miss photoshop terribly here. will try to get it installed asap.

well, i haven’t written anything for the last two days. actually, there hasn’t been much to write about, except for the fact that we had made some awesome cauliflower/tomato/potato bhaji day before to go with my tadka rice (recipe: courtesy amudesh!). everyone liked the indian style dinner. we were desperate to eat something that tasted like home because all we had been having was pizzas, burgers, bread and pasta/noodles. to add to that, the girls are not that good at cooking, it’s always me and srini slogging our butts off in the kitchen 😦

then the next day, which is yesterday, we did not have anything to do, so we went out to kingston town center just like that. actually, srini wanted to buy some clothes. so we did that, and decided to go to pizza hut for lunch. had a GOOD meal, which cost us 31.59 including VAT!! a little ashamed of our relentless spending, we headed back to home quietly as the last bus had gone off.
was too full after the pizza, so didn’t have any dinner. slept off early.


we had decided some days back to pay a visit to central london before all our lectures and inductions begin. so we purchased ‘day travel cards’ for 6.70 and left from home at 1030. that card lets you travel in any zone in buses or trains throughout the day any number of times in that amount! a really good way to hop around places, and take full advantage of the 6.70! like back home, i used to sit in the bridge bus till it parked into the depot. wasool!! hahahahah!
so, we walked till surbiton station which is close by. from then, we took the south-west train to waterloo. the station facade is imposing and intricately designed. from there, hiral (the new entrant in our flat) suggested that we walk to the oxo tower, which is sort of a famous place. we walked along the queen’s walk till oxo, which on arrival was a bit of a disappointments for all. it is not a tower at all! just a red brick building housing exquisitely designed shops. it’s especially meant for design oriented shopping. on the way we passed the national theatre buildings.

queen’s walk

natnl thtr1


along the walkway, we saw a cellist playing wonderfully serene music accompanied by piano on playback.


the london tower and dungeon was just a fifteen minute walk ahead, but since srini had injured his toe, we decided to walk back and visit westminster abbey and the BIG BEN. on the way, we stopped to admire the british airways london eye. it is a humongous, unimaginably huge ferris wheel with pods in which people can sit and watch the city from a height. you could almost see the entire of london from there i suppose! the tickets are 15 pounds for standard and 25 for the fast track. you do not have to stand in line for the latter. we didn’t go there as there was a line that extended from the london eye to the london toe! well, there’s nothing like the london toe, in case you did not get the joke!

london eye

from there, we took a bus to westminster. the ride didn’t last more than five minutes but the feeling of not letting the 6.70 go waste was a great one! got down at parliament square. the big ben stood right behind us in all its splendid glory! the watch shone in the evening sun, and it constantly reminded me of rajabai tower! the houses of parliament are but a sight to see, with their turrets (rads will correct me on this!) all pointing skyward, and intricately designed pillars. took a lot of pictures there. (for the record – i have finished my b/w film. will get that ready in 3 weeks.)

big ben


big ben 1

we were pretty wasted after so much walking and thought it best to head back home. so, we took the underground from westminster to waterloo. it’s just one station, but like i told you, the 6.70…! the underground is another wonder! i think we will take another fifteen years to get it implemented in bombay. got off at waterloo, took the train back to surbiton and walked back home, satisfied, with a good amount of photos and srini’s swollen toe.

have to make dinner now. it’s 18:24 and i’m hungry already. will see what the guys are up to.



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