srini’s birthday

it’s 01:30 here, and i am back from a very tiny birthday party we had in our flat. srini turned 22 today. i bought a bottle of wine for the occasion (jacob’s creek cabernet souvignon) and priyanka got the cake and his gift. had a good time,, the four of us, with namrata. we chatted a lot about our ‘drinking’ experiences! it was good to know that everyone gets kinda silly and laughs out louder than usual when a little alcohol gets into the system!

well, today, i had my official induction at my course campus, knight’s park. there were a lot of people for the program, out of which i knew just two – FISH and hagen (hope i got that right! will verify). and both of them are for the MA illustration. i had not seen anyone who was on my course! quite like ameya joshi here, who hasn’t met a single single soul doing informatics! had a good time there, with the free coffee and cookies! i got to see the people who were my course coordinators, and met some people who were in fact doing what i have come here to! met this girl called sandra who is on the same course as me. so i now have an official classmate! got to see some presentations on london in general, and one about the changing social structure of the city and how the mayor wants to take advantage of the hugely talented immigrant population. then the quirky and very likeable illustration/animation course coordinator jake showed us a slide show of the things he liked about the city, which included some random shots of restaurants and museums. he was very entertaining. we had an hour’s break for lunch, in which i managed to submit my bank application form in the uni.

the place we had the sessions is situated right next to the hogsmill river, a very picturesque location to fuel artistic ideas!

i know descriptions like this can get really boring, because there is nothing much to write about, much less find entertaining! but i guess i have started this blog to let you guys know what i am doing here, and also to keep myself busy at something close to 01:45!! so, please bear with me!

gave my b/w roll for developing. cost me 7.03, with the stupid student discount of 45p! which is not much:(  will get it in 3 weeks time. takes them quite a long time to do what we did in a day in our college lab…

have nothing to do tomorrow. might finish off my cv and shoot it off to some job sites. chetan and ashish are coming in to heathrow in another 5 hours or so. chetan is bringing in a lot of my film cds from back home. have to collect them from him. have to coordinate that. let’s see how that turns out. wanted to go and receive them, but they will reach here at around 6:30, and i am too sleepy now! will talk to them later  in the day.

so,now it’s goodnight from me. and a very good morning/afternoon/evening/night to you, whenever you read this senseless piece of tripe!


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