rain 1

i know of a rain
that fills the heart with glee, and romance, and fulfills the longing of dry, hot months.

i know of a rain
that drenches not only body, but the soul, with a kind of feeling no words can express.

i know of a rain
that makes the earth fragrant with a scent no one can ever create in any lab, that no chemical equations can ever explain.

rain 2

and here, i see a rain
that comes like an unwelcome visitor, who disturbs the day’s schedule by dropping in when you are half asleep after a good meal of fried fish and sol kadhi.

a rain
that does not make the earth fragrant
that gives you the chills
that makes you want to just go home, shut the windows and wrap yourself in whatever you can find.

a rain
that does not stay too long, giving you a headache and a runny nose on its way out.

a rain
that makes you miss it’s much loved indian cousin more than you can imagine…

now i know why little johnny of the old english rhyme wants the rain to go away.

rain 3



  1. Don’t know what to say…
    Those written word actually transfer your emotions on to the reader and it sends down the chill that you feel staying out there.

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