did i tell you…?

heyy!! did i tell you that we had an awesome photography introduction the other day? and then, another session on typography, that left me totally inspired? and then, did i tell you about the thames boat trip that i had? no no no i didn’t tell you anything!! so, here goes…

day before, the communication design class had an introduction to photography, by a very nice man named paul. he is a professional photographer who has been in the business for the last 25 years or so. extremely funny and knowledgeable, paul immediately made everyone comfortable. he asked all of us about ourselves, where we came from, the differences in our cultures, his own ideas about our countries, and even managed to get two blokes arguing about the part of england they came from…much like the north-south divide in bombay! the session lasted for almost two hours, and was very entertaining. he informed us that the campus had full fledged darkroom facilities, complete with medium and large format sinars and hasselblads thrown in! and to top it all off, the univ didn’t charge for using the chemicals and the papers!! i was so bloody happy that i would’ve just hugged him and danced all around!! but the very fact that i have not been thrown out of the university says that i didn’t take that extreme step. also, they have all latest digital equipment too, film and flatbed scanners, large format printers and stuff…
i am thinking of taking up modules from the MA photography course in place of some of my own.

the next day, we had an introduction to the library (known as the LRC – learning resource center). everything is automated there…prints, book lending et al. it was kinda boring, as all things concerned with a ‘library’ are considered to be. what came after that was the real deal!

vaughan oliver came in as our tutor for the typography project. he looked like, and in fact is a very well-known graphic designer of this century. vaughan has worked (very successfully, may i add!) extensively in the record industry, conceptualising album covers and media material for bands like cocteau twins and his name is alive. the covers strewn all over the table were like a show of the best work i have seen, after storm thorgerson’s work for pink floyd!


he gave us a project right away, something that i am going to be very hush hush about until i complete it. so please do not ask me about it. we will be having a meeting with him for tutorials and project ideas on the 2nd. i am going to work on something worth showing vaughan that day!

i am sure time with vaughan and paul are gonna be the best ever in my days here!


after we had our sessions with vaughan, there was an hour’s break for lunch. i picked a sandwich and a scone from the campus bar (it’s a ‘bar’, not a ‘canteen’) and left to open my bank account. it was done pretty quick, and i reached in time for the coach which was full within minutes. took us a good 40 minutes to reach kew pier, from where the boat was about to leave.

beer garden

boat 1

boat 2

abbey et

the boat left us at westminster pier, from where we were supposed to go out on our own. well, sandra and her flatmates along with a big chinese group decided to go out for some drinks and food in the posh area of SOHO. i though of going along. but then, the chinese group wanted to go to china town, which was closer to leicester square. taking the opportunity of this confusion, sandra and gang left for wherever they wanted to. and i was stuck with the chinese. we decided then to take the tube from waterloo to leicester. on the way to waterloo, we had quite a lot of fun! but then, as we reached the station, everyone started having different ideas.
“let’s go to new malden…let’s eat at china town pleeeeeezzz…fine, let’s all go to kingston, eat there and then leave as it would be closer to home…”

no need to tell you where the last comment came from! finally, i decided that i would go home, taking a train to surbiton and the rest would go to kingston. ok. i had to buy a ticket from waterloo to surbiton (3.15). the train had arrived on platform 6. we parted and i got into the train. as it started, the announcement said that it would halt directly at woking, which was like an hour’s drive from where i stay!!! damn!!!! it was what we would call a fast train. i cursed myself, and the stupid chinese gang and the stupid-ass boat that left me at westminster, when actually i should’ve been kicking myself for ot reading the indicator right! but then, EVERYONE ELSE is always wrong in such situations, aren’t they? well, with no option but to sit till woking, i looked out of the window at whatever lights i could see.
woking arrived after 35 minutes, and i rushed out to find a bus to go to kingston. but then, the stops were all confusing, and i’d have had to walk almost for 25 minutes to get to the main town where the buses leaver from. so, i got back into the station, bought another ticket to surbiton (4.70) and waited for the train. it came after like half an hour! damn damn!!!!! aaaaaarrrgh!!! double checked with the ticket checker (indian chap). the train was the correct one.
finally got to surbiton at around nine in the night. and with no option but to walk back to my room, i trundled along in the cold night, with the vapour coming out of my mouth as i exhaled. good that i had taken along my new woodland rain jacket, otherwise they would have had a headline in the next day’s papers!! INDIAN STUDENT FOUND FROZEN IN SURBITON.

well, that’s all about the last two days. looking forward to the 2nd. will tell you guys what i intend to do for the project soon.



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