woke up at 1pm!! hahahaahh!!! it had been raining all day since morning. everything outside was dull, including myself! took a bath, made lunch at 3 – potatoes, tomatoes and onions gravy with rice and orange juice. was very good! srini and priyanka had just got back after their meal at pizza hut. so they didn’t have anything with me. hiral shared some of the rice and gravy. was very satisfied at the end of it! had one more glass of orange juice.

came back to the room. talked to rauter over skype and yahoo. the weather outside was not looking good enough for a walk to town for refilling my mobile card, so…what else?? slept off at 430! and got up at 8. record of sorts, i should say! made dinner – baby corn, rice and sambar. most of time it’s me and srini who prepare the meals. he makes a killer rassam!

its 1230 in the night now. listening to hariprasad chaurasia. not so cold in the room. haven’t opened the window yet! will conk off in another ten minutes.

seee yooooo!! write. mail. post. talk. soon…


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