took my washing to the laundry today!!
wonderful machines these!! put in the money (2 pounds for a wash cycle and 20p for the dryer), put in the soap powder, and wait! its fun to see clothes in the front loader, going round and round. then transfered them to the dryer. HUGE ones!! you could put a family’s monthly washing in their and it wouldn’t make a sound! minimum weight 68kg…maximum 138 kg. clothes in the dryer fall on each other like kittens, softly and playfully…exploring the area in which they are confined. pretty entertaining to just watch them roll over just like that. didn’t even realise how the 30 minutes passed. and when the clothes were out, they smelled new, clean and fresh! and WARM! wowiee!! the thicker t-shirts would need hanging for a day, which was ok. the experience was good! found one more enjoyable thing to do in my free time. the other is playing TT in the student’s common room with srini.

reminder – buy washing powder.


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