10th october

it’s been a month since landing here in london. to repeat a cliche, you never know how time flies! and that’s bloody true. feels like it was yesterday that i stacked my cupboard and the kitchen, went out for a walk, and got lost!

it constantly amazes me to notice how we get accustomed to a way of life, wherever we are put. i know my way around here, through surbiton, kingston town center, university, the market, shops…the whole process of getting through a day without any serious harm to self and to others! getting train tickets is easy, shopkeepers are nice, lots of indians around, we even make chapatis now!! (that reminds me…we’ve got to shop for veggies soon.)
crazy, isn’t it? one fine day, you are surrounded by everything you know is ‘yours’ – people, places, tv shows, city, country – and the next thing you know is you are thousands of miles away from it all,  starting to collect a new batch of ‘yours’. and it is great to know that everything just falls in place easily, with a bit of effort that is!

i know it would be utterly shameless to say that i don’t miss being out of home, but then, things are so well aligned here – flatmates, university, shopping, cooking, doing projects – things take up so much of your time here that there is no time to actually feel homesick and miss things. naturally, people back home are different altogether, and i miss them without a doubt. who wouldn’t? but the fact is that i have settled down pretty well in this strange place. and i know it is going to be a very short time before my course finishes, and i will have to start from zero once they kick me out of accommodations here!

the process starts all over again then…collecting a new set of ‘yours’.


One comment

  1. 🙂 yeah even have been amazed at the ease with which we settle down in new places and collect a new set of ‘yours’….its a strange human tendency to get habituated to changes….
    makes me wonder…how many ‘yours’ do we manage to collect over a life time…and what does each ‘yours’ signify??
    its like….the world is your home…and when u travel…each place is just another room….

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