ratatouille!!!!!!!! and a lot else…

ratatouille food

pronounced as ‘ra-taa-too-ee’, ratatouille is a french dish made with vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, aubergine etc.

and, RATATOUILLE is an awesome awesome animated film which i saw yesterday here at The Rotunda with my Kenyan friend Mercy!! the film is just too brilliant. made by pixar studios, it is about a rat called remi, who has a heightened sense of smell and loves good food. he particularly adores a french chef by the name of gusteau. the film starts with how remi goes around people’s kitchens, looking for cheese and saffron and mushrooms, something that other rats in his colony and particularly his father find very odd. but through a series of adventures, remi finds himself in gusteau’s kitchen! now gusteau is long dead and his restaurant is about to close down. the film takes a big turn when a gangly lad named languini comes in. remi befriends him, and realises his dream of becoming a great chef!


as most animated films go, ratatouille is very nice and warm. it talks about the triumph of spirit, finding your own self through odds and having a generally terrific time doing so! and the rotunda is a massive multi screen cinema house. people here don’t say theater. they go out for ‘cinema’! quite an old world way of saying things! the rotunda has 14 screens, a food court, shops and everything you could imagine in a place like that. very much similar of the many many multiplexes mushrooming all over bombay.

i had a small popcorn tub and mercy had a ben & jerry’s ice cream. those are quite famous here. must try one. then after the film, we went to wagamama, the japanese food place i had written about earlier. i was too lazy to use the chopsticks this time, so back to trusty old fork!! mercy talks a lot!! a lot of sense actually! it’s great to be around her because she is constantly buzzing with ideas and quite a lot of ours match. after dinner, we went walking to the riverside. hadn’t been there much at that time of night. the bridge looks too great! kicked myself for not taking my camera. but as mercy said, “that bridge is gonna be there tomorrow.” so, i unkicked myself and decided to come there some other night, unless there is a war and they bomb the-bridge-across-river-thames!

please watch the film if you haven’t.

i’m looking forward to the london jazz festival in november. jan gabrarek, a famous saxophonist is playing. he played with zakir hussain, hariprasad chaurasia and john mclaughlin on the album ‘making music’. that is one album that defines fusion for me. western instruments like the sax and the guitar sound so indian on every track. i remember how me and my brother used to make fun of the way the sax was played when we used to listen to the ‘bala instrumental’ tape some 15 -16 years back. i bought the cd out of my first salary. and it is one of my most prized possessions.


well, it has been raining here for the last three days. it is surprisingly not too cold. not too humid too. but you feel warm in the room even without the heater. today it rained a lot more than before. and yes, the daylight saving time thing has started from today. all my watches have been pushed back by an hour.

applied for bar/kitchen staff at a pub close by named the coronation hall. guess i have told you about it. it’s a 10 minute walk from where i stay. would like to work there. let’s see what they say.

more later. cya:)


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