MA show

first of all, a very happy birthday to my maa!

(since the posts in a blog are supposed to be arranged in reverse chronological order, i will start with the second of november!)

today, we had our MA graduation show at Oxo Tower Bargehouse. it is quite a stimulating venue for a show like that. the Oxo Tower is situated on the south bank of the river thames, and was once upon a time a meat packing warehouse. it was later developed into this terrific place, housing high-end design oriented shops, cafes, a rooftop restaurant with a viewing gallery and a lot else.

ma 1
the Bargehouse is a one of its kind exhibition space. it’s an exposed brick structure, with quite an unfinished look to it. it is very raw in character and is the perfect venue for art shows and exhibitions! the staircases have been left in their unfinished state, with cement blocks showing and the paint peeling off on the walls. it is dimly lit, except for the display areas.

i left home for the show at around 1pm. met ozgur, jenny and daniel at surbiton station and went to waterloo. had a good time walking around the place. then, the walk went on a bit too far! we hiked all along to trafalgar square and covent garden, which is at quite a distance from waterloo! but the experience was too good! covent garden is like a 24 hour mela! shops, bazaars, street shows, roadside cafes, crowd…it felt like i was in fort for the kala ghoda fest! all the buildings look the same, the crowd is milling, with people from all over the world trying to catch a glimpse of what the man wrapped in chains is going to do next as the kids squeal around him, smells of fresh pasta and wine and cheese float around…it is a terrific place to be in the evening! then, oz wanted to go to this bookshop called magma. he had no idea where it was! but we trundled along behind him. finally, he spotted it. we went in what seemed like HEAVEN for graphic designers! it is the most amazing bookshop (second to strand, obviously!) that i have been to. books on typography, screen design, dvds of british short film festivals, t-shirts, flip books, design magazines…

i left the shop feeling poor 😦 nevertheless, with a resolve to come back with 500 quid and buy what i want!

arrived at the bargehouse at close to five. it was beginning to fill up. had a nice talk with our course coordinator richard whitbread. he had arranged the show almost single handedly.

ma 2

the show was great! we got a chance to speak to faculty members and students who will be graduating from the university after their masters, and got a good amount of feedback from them about how to approach projects and how the entire course shapes up to this final MA SHOW thingy!! the Communication Design projects were a bit disappointing though. except a few which were totally brilliant. as my korean classmate ethan put it, it is quite a challenge for us to put up a much better show next year when we will be granted our master’s degrees. and even our course coordinator agreed! which was good:)

ma 3


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