ashish, chetan & nanika in kingston!

the chetan the mane and the patkar ashish with nanikas had come to my place on the 3rd and the 4th. pardon the erratic grammar!!

well, the bournemouth gang arrived at london victoria early morning. i had thought of meeting them there itself and proceeding to visit leena, and having lunch in london. but i was too tired from the MA show day before. so i met them at king’s cross where leena stays. leena’s student accommodation is built by hilton (yes! the hotel guys) and costs her double of what i pay here at clayhill!


leena had made some terrific aloo mutter and khoya mushroom, with tortilla wraps as chapatis!! had a really filling lunch, did some tp, same old jokes, and how we had spent half a month at her’s and chetan’s place for two of the most intensive projects in BMM. then we left for surbiton at around 430 in the evening. we were excited about the journey back home – underground, above ground rail, changing stations and the whole deal!


arrived at clayhill in an hour and a half. they liked the place. we stayed around in my room for a while, and went out to the riverside for a walk and dinner thereafter. i took them around the longer route, showing my campus and the huge garden just ahead of it. came to town center, and as we passed the rotunda, ashish thought of checking out what films they had lined up. and and and…we ended up watching ratatouille!!! me for the second time 🙂 nanika was very sleepy and managed to doze off for some seconds during the film, before ashish poked her awake!!

we all loved the film. then i thought of going to wagamama, the japanese food place. but then, my horribly skewed sense of direction decided to take control! i was looking around like a fool, trying to figure out the way, and nainka threatened to drop off to sleep as she stood, and mane was going bonkers with hunger! finally, i decided to go around to the riverside which is full of nice (read ‘expensive’) places. we came to this very nice mexican restaurant and decided to settle down there as none of us had had mexican food before, save the awful tortilla chips and nachos in pop tates and such places. the food was terrific, to say the least! not overtly filling, but satisfyingly so.

mex 1

mex 2

mex 3

mex nanika


mex food

mex art

mex staircase

mex me

mex b/w

i had called mercy before getting to the mexican place. she too popped in just as we had finished dinner. we then walked along the riverside, where mane took some pictures. because his father had told him to visit the thames, and mane will be sending the pictures back home as proof!

mane rvrsd

rvrsd 1

we walked half way, and everyone was tired and thinking of taking a bus home. but then, there’s no direct bus to clayhill. mercy suggested that we walk to where she stayed and she could drop us home in her car, to which everyone agreed. it was another good ten minutes of walking till we reached her car! finally!

came home, met srini, gauri and priyanka, took the keys to srini’s room, and went out for a small stroll, while nanika slept off in my room. mane and ashish liked the weather. bournemouth is a harbour town and it is very hot and humid there most of the time. so the chill in the air was a welcome change.

got back to the room and had a good night’s sleep.

got up next day at close to nine thirty. everyone took their own sweet time to get ready and we left home by 12!! had a very good meal at chez julien delicatessen. tuna and mayo & chicken provencal baguettes, apple tart, pain au raisin and mocha. the woman is an artist with the coffee and tarts! all home made, all authentic french and italian! and plus, she is too sweet!

cjd 1

cjd 2

cjd coffee

cjd nanika

cjd us

cjd tart

from then, we went to kingston town center where nanika wanted to shop. took them to the bentalls shopping center where she got some stuff from H&M. while she was in there, we guys checked out the apple imac store and HMV. then nanika came out with a nice big bag. we came down and she still wanted to find EVANS for a coat. well, we did! she went in and we waited outside for eternity! another big bag emerged, and she was finally done!

dropped the gang off at kingston station. mane was pestering me to come to the victoria coach station from where they were going by bus back to bournemouth. but i didn’t as i had to go back home to work on a project i have to submit tomorrow. so, they left, and i walked back to my room. almost two and a half miles. i walk a lot. feels good. the weather is nice, frozen knuckles notwithstanding!

had a nice time! they will be coming back here for my birthday for a longer stay. no detailed plans yet. but it will be great!


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