darjeeling & addlestone

saw this film called ‘the darjeeling limited’ with mercy and her flatmates. it is directed by wes anderson, and has been added to the constantly expanding list of my favourite films!


by the time we left mercy’s flat, it had started raining cats and dogs and hippos and giraffes and platypuses and armadillos!! i was feeling great, like being at marine drive right in the middle of july with the water splashing around like mad! mercy and rafael were struggling with their umbrellas, and i was struggling to stay in mercy’s! by the time the three of us reached the rotunda, i realised that my jeans was wet below the knee…completely soaked, and my shoes (suede woodland, mind you!) had changed colour from a nice nubuck beige to muddy brown! thankfully, the rotunda was not air conditioned! you do not actually need air conditioning when the entire country feels like its just come out of the freezer! went in, sat through 40 minutes of advertising, took off my socks, and started watching the film…

‘darjeeling limited’ is about three brothers who set out on a spiritual journey to…where else but india!! the land of eternal mystery, where people worship cows and snakes, where women are draped in endless swathes of liquid rainbows and men wear turbans that remind one of giza or ayer’s rock…the land where all is forgiven if you have enough faith. well, that’s enough orientalism for today!

within moments of the film starting, i sort of made up my mind that this is going to be one more of those typical american films that believe all the nice things i just said about our lovely country. “india is nothing but an uneducated mess of idol worshippers and snake charmers.” but as the film went ahead with its innumerable hilarious moments and all sorts of misadventures, i was proven wrong! it is in fact a very well constructed critique on the whole idea of spirituality that the west has. the meaning of life cannot be found in temples, or getting a kerala massage, or making an arduous journey to the himalayas and meditating in a freezing cave. life itself presents its myriad tapestry in very small, seemingly insignificant moments, moments that are so inconspicuous that they escape the unseeing eye…like the flash of a butterfly’s wing shining in the sun. it is when you grasp such pearls of time that you begin the journey to understanding the wefts and weaves of the fabric of life as we know it.

and that is exactly what the brothers discover. the film can be billed as a comedy, given the subtle gaffes provided in ample by the constantly warring brothers. owen wilson is top-notch, and is supported very brilliantly by the dim-witted but crafty jason schwartzman. adrien brody comes across as too serious to fit into the film, but he does full justice to his character. the film is shot extensively around jodhpur, providing the canvas of the stark desert and the contrast of brightly dressed women. would love to go there on my own for photography, and i will!

the film comes to its point in the second half, when the brothers realise that the true spiritual journey does not need a particular place. some epiphanies come to you when you are running to catch a train!!

watch it.

now for addlestone.

it is a suburb located on the south west london train line. and to go there, i have to go three stops down to weybridge and change a train. now, why do i have to go to addlestone? because they have a supermarket there named TESCO that is huge, and is open 24 hours a day. now, you would ask, why make such a long journey to see a huge, 24 hour supermarket? well, TESCO stocks Epson printers, and yours truly has got a job as a product demonstrator and sales representative for Epson through a company known as Gekko!! yes yes!!!! A JOB!!!

i am officially employed, and today was my first day. they wanted me to wear black formal shoes and black trousers with the blue-tshirt they had provided. so i did a ‘bit’ of shopping yesterday. kindly refrain from asking the prices!

well, speaking of today, i was supposed to report to tesco at 930. but i could not make it on time as the train from weybridge got cancelled. it was ok, until i got to the shop. an epson employee was supposed to be there for setting up my display space and giving me some basic instructions and training concerning how to go about the day. but she was not there at all. i tried calling the office but since it was a saturday, no one replied. so i decided to go home.

got home in about an hour’s time, thinking about how i could be extremely polite and still manage to screw their case for messing up my day. i immediately mailed the office, and within no time, started getting calls. i had to go back in the afternoon and start the promotion!! so, back i went to addlestone, met the epson representative (who had finally turned up!), set up my place and stood there till six, asking people if they wanted a demo of this fine printer, giving away sweets to kids who looked at the curious thing on top of a box with a funny looking guy standing next to it.

didn’t manage to sell it though! but very effectively managed to get my feet feel like stone, heavy and lifeless from all the standing around in new shoes! they are still kinda wobbly, but i guess everything should be okay tomorrow. and this demo thingy is only going to be on weekends.

let’s see how it works out.

once again, please see ‘darjeeling’. i am sure you will love it.


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  1. This page came up because I have a google alert for ‘Addlestone’ – yes I know, strange! But I enjoyed the film review and think I will rent it.

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