birthday – part 2

was waiting for some pictures for this update. so here goes –

wanted to celebrate with ameya and gang. we decided to meet up on the 16th in the evening. i had to go out to surbiton for some work. called up ameya, met him at sainsbury’s, a departmental store. purchased a few beers, a bottle of trusty old smirnoff and lots of chips. i was planning to head back home and go to their place later, but since we already had bought everything, i went along.

srini, priyanka and namrata arrived somewhere close to seven thirty. as soon as they arrived, everyone shifted into party mode, shouting at the top of their voices, making absolutely mindless jokes, playing songs on the laptops! we were waiting for manjot and the rest as they had gone to pick mahima from the station. everyone was getting hungrier (and thirstier!) by the minute. finally, they arrived with a very lovely cake. it was almost twelve by the time the party actually started.


happy birthday to me !! !! !! !!

cut cake 1


gang 1

we tried building castles in the air…


had a really great time with everyone! namrata was in her element, renaming manjot to ‘manjeetey’ and singing out his name in true cheerleader style. she even managed to shut ameya up for a while, which is no mean feat! we danced like tribals around the beer tower for a while. the pizza we had ordered was quite huge and funny tasting. but we managed to finish most of it. same goes for all the alcohol!!

when we finally left, it was minus five outside, and foggy! ameya and balya came to drop us halfway as it was a road less known to us. got home, frozen from the outside but warm and happy on the inside.

it helps to have friends like these here in a different country. they don’t let you forget all the great times you had back in bombay.

out for now. check out the new pictures in the bournemouth post. also, will be sending a picasa link of the films i got developed recently.


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