the last month has been a trial. i will not go into the details of that. lots of things going topsy turvy, tempers flying around, and a whole lot of shit! but the main thing is that it’s getting better! at least i am hopeful that it is.

i have moved out of my university accommodation. after almost four months of coming here in this cold place. the room was nice and cozy, everything i had expected and more; save the infamous egg incident! but it was too expensive. so now, srini, priyanka and i have moved out of there. found a new house through a property dealer. they do not usually give out houses to students, and therefore we have a lot of references and paperwork to submit. that is almost done. as of now, we are staying with ameya and gang.

and through it all, one thing was always at the back of mind. change is the only thing that is constant. shashank has mentioned on his blog, and even said it to me when he was here – dahisar-borivli-hyderabad-oslo-london – and all through this journey, so much has changed, and yet a lot has stayed the same. it’s funny to note that change had been happening right in front of my eyes every single day since i landed in my room in clayhill. not that i hadn’t noticed it. just that i feel it would be appropriate to show it here –




a change is coming. i feel the last month has been sort of a preparation. call it a test if you will. and leave it at that. because tomorrow is another day!



  1. We friends had always observed a hidden philosopher subtly dwelling in Suree, showing full moon while intoxicated…beware guys, this demon has just started spreading wings and getting global…

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