raagaleena visits kingston

leena was here over the weekend. she arrived on friday evening and went back sunday.

after sunny and i met her at the station, we walked to the riverside. it had gotten dark by the time we reached there, and cold too. leena was overjoyed seeing the swans, the posh restaurants and the river. she kept repeating that it felt like venice! nice. ate at pizza hut and got back home.


watched dekalog 8 in the night and slept off. decided to go to hampton court palace the next day.

got up at 1230! hampton court palace was out of question as it would easily have taken us two hours to get ready. so i suggested we go to surbiton cemetery! what a good place to spend a nice sunny saturday! before we left, leena made a good mutter curry. she is a very good cook, though she keeps saying that she’s not too good at it. reached the cemetery by 3:45. it was beautiful, with trees blossoming and the evening sun casting a perfect light.




took a lot of pictures on the way to the cemetery.




the sky was that blue! you see a lot of these planes fly by all through the day, because heathrow is close by. fun to watch the streaks. i sometimes sit on our sofa and watch them for hours!

got back home. watched ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ for the nth time. sunny was very impressed. please watch it if you haven’t. sunshine and truman show are without a doubt jim carrey’s career best roles!

sandra had messaged me earlier that the class gang was meeting up at the uni bar at nine. the film got over in time, and the three of us headed to kinght’s park. we have a bar in the university campus, by the way!! met up with sandra, jenny, ethan and dino. oz joined us later. by then, we had finished off four games of foosball (all of which sandra’s team won!) and a good amount of alcohol. sandra is a champ at the game! then as our routine, we headed off to a nice little pub called barcadia. they play terrific music, almost always house and techno. and yes, they never forget to play space by micha moor, which happens to be my +fave track:)

got back home at close to 3, with leena very happy about having had a perfect saturday, sunny almost twisting a girl’s arm off (she was trying to dance with him!), and me, as usual very sleepy!

while saying goodnight, we decided that we will visit hampton court palace, come what may. got up at 1130. nothing spectacular, considering that we had to visit the palace. left from home at two, took the bus and arrived at the palace in ten minutes! went in to buy the tickets, but the nice woman at the counter said that they close at 430 so it would be a waste to spend on the tickets. the palace is too huge and would have taken us at least three hours to see it entirely. so we decided to walk around the gardens. the lady had a very beautiful necklace, which i pointed out to leena. now, i generally tend to notice such things. let’s not make a big deal about it!

took some ‘touristy’ pics, as shank would say!






walked around the gardens, which were massive and meticulously maintained. (great alliteration there!)




mandatory ‘fun’ pic. courtesy, constant shirt sleeve pulling by leena!




left the palace somewhere around five. as we walked to the bus stop, leena found some balloons. promptly picking them up, she carried them all the way back home!





on the way home, stopped over at the riverside. leena wanted to see the swans ‘in a better light’. was worth the stop-over! the sky was terrific, with great washes of colour all over the place.





came back home, and went to ameya’s place later in the night. i don’t know why, but whenever leena sees a kitchen, she can’t help but start to chop and cut and soak and dice and fry! she started cooking even at ameya’s place! we made really good chholey masala.




after having a good meal, we headed back home, ameya coming along with us. it was freezing outside, though it does not matter much now as i have gotten used to my ears feeling like ice! cars had frosted, and there was a bit of a fog in the air.


slept off after chatting for a while.

leena left at 330 the next day. she had a job interview somewhere in central. was a weekend well spent, with excellent tomato chutney and scrambled rava dosa, hampton court palace, and a great saturday! ashish had called up and wants to make plans for the month end. let’s see how that comes around.

bye for now. see ya in some time!


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