long time coming!

this post was supposed to be up almost two months ago! it is from when shank was here, with pictures from trafalgar square, london eye etc. he has been prodding me to put up the blog, and has given up.

so shankhoo, this is for you 🙂


we went for a ride on the london eye. was quite an experience. the ferris wheel goes to a height of 150 meters. the view from there is awesome!!

(note: go on a second trip in the evening, when the lights come up.)






we then proceeded to trafalgar square. it is the preferred location for demonstrations and protests, and shank wanted some good street shots. unfortunately, we reached there when the light had started getting low, and there weren’t too many protesters either.







after trafalgar, we came home and went for dinner at JOY, the indian restaurant in surbiton. by the time we finished and started back, the whole area was enveloped by a dense fog!


after shashank left for norway, radhika paid me a visit. it was cut short by me moving out of clayhill.

here are some shots i took on the train when i went to receive her.



there was this group of guys dressed as superheroes outside king’s cross station. i think some of them were mentally handicapped, especially one of them dressed as the joker from batman.



well, i believe all of you know the story after that. ending this one with some of my usual arty-farty tree pics! i am going to make a huge print of this one –


the walls of the new house are bare. need to liven them up with some pictures. will have to ask the landlady’s permission before i even think of putting something up. the entire house, except some parts, is made of wooden panels. i guess the old hammers and nails approach won’t work! might bring down the entire wall for pete’s sake!



bye for now. have a colour developing workshop on the 22nd. will develop the tri-x and print some of the colour pictures i have taken before.

last, but not the least, i finally got a good job. nothing ad-hoc like i was doing before! this one is in the kitchen of a restaurant called Blue Hawaii. i will be working with the chefs. i have a week of paid training, during which i will get to know the meals, recipes and general kitchen work. i have been given a lot of material for study, based on which there will be a test on sunday. after passing the test, i start work from next week.

cya soon. hopefully, a big blog should come up next week.


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