snow, windows vista and samsung cameras

it snowed!!!!!!!!!!! yes it did!

posting this from ameya’s place. was asleep when i heard the commotion in the house. everyone was running around with cameras and phones and a whole lot of excitement! it was nine in the morning. now i’m not used to getting up that early! sat right up in the bed when i heard the word “snow”.

and there it was! little white kisses from heaven floating down from the gray sky, all over the place, landing softly on my head and my palm…it was like that airlines ad – when was the last time you did something for the first time – i know shank will shrug this off as one more of his ‘snow-so-what’s-the-big-deal’ things, but i love it!

it stayed for a while and went away as softly as it came. took a video from balya’s camera. mayur came in from his job with a video on his nokia. we tried transferring it on to my laptop via bluetooth. i gave up after many attempts, and this ridiculous windows error message –

nokia error

yeah! thanks so much, dear vista. i thought nokia phones were manufactured by v.i.p.

no points for guessing the reply i sent them! vista is terrible in terms of plug and play. xp was so much better. you could even shove a toothbrush in one of the usb ports and it would generate drivers for it! i guess someone needs to push some toothbrushes up vista’s programmers.

as for the camera, i am back to the shop floor doing demonstrations for samsung’s latest compact, the nv8. isn’t too special to start with. same 8.1 mp, face detection, advanced shake reduction blah blah blah. one addition is 3200 iso and the smart touch interface. basically, there are close to fifty seven thousand four hundred and thirty buttons all round the screen. now these buttons are touch sensitive and point to a certain menu / function. this eliminates the need to go a confusing menu every time you want to change a setting. which is a brilliant idea i must say. but the buttons! save me from the buttons please. one girl who came in to see a camera was frightened (she actually jumped three feet back) when i showed her the touch interface thingy!

“damn! don’t show me anything with a touch screen. i have a phone like that and i am bloody frustrated!”

there goes a chunk of your audience, dear samsung! at the end of the day though, i managed to sell three of the cameras to unsuspecting customers, on whom the mighty button shall descend!

i will post a video as soon as i find a way to make vista understand who makes nokia phones. or i might as well use a toothbrush…


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