movies etc.

well, to start off with, it snowed again today! just as i was about to step out of the house for work! got as warm as i could – thermal vest, samsung t-shirt, sweater, scarf (from amu), jacket and a beanie (more popularly known as a monkey cap)! felt too good, in spite of not having any feeling in my toes till the time i reached the store! oh, by the way, it snowed today morning. did i already tell you that? sorry! i’m snow happy, sorry, so happy to see it float down.

p.s. – shank, i AM doing this on purpose!

watched ‘lions for lambs’ today with my house mates.

a truly well made film. stellar star cast, great script and a good message. the film is set six years after 9-11. tom cruise is a senator, a crafty one at that, meryl streep is a tough journalist, and robert redford (the director) plays a political science professor who hasn’t yet given up on the belief that things can be changed.

‘lions… ‘ talks about the conflict of ideals between politicians and truth seeking journalists (a dying breed), and how some people still hope for a change. the film is what rang de basanti could have been, if it wasn’t for the incomprehensible need of the audience to have a logical end to any story. everything has to fall in place. the villain must die, the hero must rescue, things must get back to normal. i have always been irked by this constant need to be spoon fed. arguments have always ended at the conclusion that people watch movies as entertainment. they want their money’s worth when they go in to the cinema hall, where they can forget their worries and live in suspended reality for a while. people do not want some preachy, conceited blahblah on the screen, leaving them with a million questions as they walk out with their empty popcorn tubs. when they leave, they want to leave all worries stuck to the bottom of the theatre seats, along with their chewing gum.

why then would anyone want to tell a good, sensible story? why would anyone ever want to make a ‘hazaron khwaishein aisi’? and why would anyone waste time discussing ‘hegemonic constructs’ and the like? if it is all nice and rosy in the end, why worry?

because, things are wrong. horribly wrong. politicians are making their wicked plans and strategies with the mask of a do-gooder, the media are selling this tripe to the people for the sake of staying alive, guns are being given in children’s hands in the name of religion.

and the people…they are sucking on their soft drink straws, watching nonsense.

what is the need to have an ‘end’ to a film? or any story for that matter? does it hurt too bad to think about it later, or have even a light-hearted discussion about it? some strands are deliberately left untied so that we may continue weaving what the story-teller has entrusted us with. we need to make our own stories. add meaning to that seemingly senseless ball of wool in our hands…

one thing is for certain. i am never watching ‘eraserhead’ with my house mates!



  1. one…snow sux…
    two…i dont care about governments or the environment
    three…why cant you watch ERASERHEAD with your roomates? are they retarded???

    p.s. you sux just like snow

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