cricket in surbiton

i know it’s been terribly long since i posted an entry here. been busy with assessments and a new project. and been a bit down because of the weather and various other reasons which i do not wish to crib about.

but everything’s fine, and here i am. this post is sort of a follow up to ‘bat-ball.’

i don’t remember what day or date it was, but we all played cricket at the victoria recreation grounds! manjot got a bat and tennis balls and we started. there were some kids practicing on the pitch when we reached there; season ball and all kit included! did not take too many pictures though as i didn’t have my camera. used manjot’s for all of the following pics, which are not many to start with!

was a good game! rohan kept calling me from mumbai in between my wicket-keeping, batting and bowling. i made everyone wait for close to five minutes till i finished the call, which was irritating (to everyone else!).

we must’ve played around 4-5 matches of six overs each, after which we decided to call it quits. it being a warm sunny day, we lay in the grass for an hour or so, feeling the sun on our face.

that’s about it! should have written this right after the game, but with hands and legs and shoulders and various muscles which i did not know existed were all in a terrible state. srini and sunny were having trouble moving around in the house! i was back to normal in two-three days.

anyway, having a good time here. cya 🙂


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