marriages are made in heaven . . .

. . . and the class one moron that yours truly is, is going to miss some of the most important ones he should have been a part of.

may i elucidate the above point with some past and current examples –

1. krishnadas and neeta – very good friends from commercial arts

2. amit and sonali – very good friends from commercial arts

3. medha tai – dearest cousin sister

4. amol vaity – classmate and good friend from st. francis d’assisi high school, borivali

5. srikrishna (bhushan) and shireen [engagement] – closest friends/family

…and many others i do not remember at this moment, but are at the back of my mind, making their presence, and my absence felt.

going further, i will be missing mangesh dada’s lageen, which will take place on the 20th of this month ( if i remember correctly). now, he is my musical mentor. he introduced me to the divinity of metallica, for which i am forever indebted! and innumerable other things about him which endear him all the more!

swapnil, one more of my friends/family gang is getting engaged this week, and plans to get married in december. bhushan has also predicted a year end marriage. my immediate cousin amit will be tying the knot this month. and there is one more jhol that i do not wish to make public, which aims to get formalised soon. (wink wink!!)

so…there you have it. class one moron remaining absent for some very important events.

thanks for your patience. you may proceed.


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