on the move again

i am moving again. getting out of the new place day after.

reason? this one was turning out to be too expensive; and one of our flat mates has to go back to germany, which would in turn add to the expense. therefore…

i’m back to getting all my stuff in one place, packing it, taking it all out, rearranging, repacking…i think of my last few weeks in mumbai when aai baba were surrounded with all my things lying scattered all over the bedroom, and question upon question flying at me – “do you want this? why are you taking that? where are we going to put that now?”

it took a lot of time to get everything in place, and the day i came here, exactly ten months back, it took me no more than half an hour to take everything out and stack up the cupboard and drawers in my clayhill room. and here i am again…asking the same questions to myself! only thing is, one bag is already full and i am wondering why there is so little left? it seemed quite a lot when it was all over the place back home! and now, i am wondering where did it all go!!

and i am wondering what home means…two bags full of stuff? is that all one needs to have a place to call home?


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