first slide roll / colour reversal film

have had this one waiting to be processed for a very long time. you know how it is…!

i will start chronologically. the first batch of pictures that you see here are from my adventurous walk, right up to hampton court! i decided to take my camera out as i hadn’t used it for quite a while. crossed kingston bridge, expecting canbury gardens to pop up right in front of me. but my notorious sense of direction swooped in at the exact moment, and instead of taking a left, i took a right; which landed me walking parallel to bushy park et al. it was a good day, with the sun out, people sitting by the river side with their barbecues, people walking / running with their dogs and prams being pushed along by moms and dads.

so, i set myself on a course which unbeknown to me led to hampton court. i was expecting to find a bridge somewhere in the middle so that i could cross over and go to ameya’s. but after walking for almost an hour, there was no bridge in sight!! but i kept on walking just to see where that damn road ended! and suddenly, the turrets of hampton court palace emerged to my right! DANG!! how did i manage to get HERE??? then i realised i had walked for almost four miles from kingston to hampton court palace!

truth is, if you follow the river, and have ample of time, energy, food and a good gang of friends, you can walk right up to central london and beyond. i do not have any such intention. four miles of sun, dogs, prams and doddering old couples is enough for me!

here are some pictures from that walk –

had a great lunch near the palace. excellent pasta with a chilled cider. was worth the four miles! and like a good kid, took a bus back to kingston.


had been to canary wharf and greenwich with leena and ameya. these pics are from that visit.

(this one is from the greenwich observatory. great view from up there! that’s the famous O2 arena towards the right; the dome with things sticking out of it.)


this is the first time i have some pictures of my classmates! we had been to our tutor’s (Vaughan Oliver’s) studio for a class.

here we are leafing through the massive collection of design books he has in his library –

(l-r – jenny, sandra, dino, ethan)

well, we had a party at dino’s place a month back. it was a film themed party! people turned up as ‘the dude’ from the big lebowski, one guy came as a starship trooper with his helmet and gun, someone was MIB…lots of crazy people with a professional dj spinning house records in dino’s kitchen!

this is ethan. he loves typography, and works as a contract killer just for kicks!

(l to r – sally, mina, migle, kaie, ethan, jenny)

(kaie, migle, mina, sandra)

i was not dressed as any character though. went home and put on a snazzy flower-power type shirt i had bought from fabindia, which made me look like a shady drug dealer from a seventies film! which was enough 🙂

it will be one year here in london next month! might go home in nov-dec. not decided anything yet.

(note on the film – used a fuji provia 400. gave me a blue cast over all the images, and the scans had a lot of noise on them. maybe some issue with the processing. will make prints in the uni lab and check.)

anyway, bye for now. one ilford 3200 is yet to be processed! no clue when that will come up. till then, have fun. be good. sleep well. drink a lot of water. tata!



  1. all the frames in this post are from the film. did not put some up as they were not relevant.

    and like the classic fool that i am, i did not get the slides mounted!! will do that when uni begins.

    i have sent u the escalator and two other pics. looks fantastic on the desktop 🙂

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