one year

it’s been one year since i came here. to repeat cliches, time flies, went by in a flash, didn’t know where the days went and so on and so forth.

as for now, i am working on my masters, still working at kfc, coming home at one / two depending on shifts, smelling of cooking oil and chicken, sleeping till twelve, cooking up some nonsense for lunch, sleeping again, reading, calling and mailing acquaintances and asking them to be part of my project…same old same old! and i am sure all that will be over and done with just as the year that went by.

it’s starting to get cold, and i should be buying a nice duvet. not that the blankets i have with me are not enough; just that a duvet looks and feels good! am bored of my clothes, so a considerable wardrobe overhaul is expected. saving scraps and bits of money for that, and for my ticket to bombay. don’t know when that will come along.

had indianised pasta for lunch today. here’s what went in it:

a few clubs of cauliflower and a small bowl full of green peas cooked and fried in oil, onions, red chilli powder and garam masala. boiled macaroni added to the cauliflower and peas. two big spoons of tomato and mascarpone sauce. all blended to perfection with salt to taste and a few sprigs of coriander for decoration. looked great! and tasted even better! sorry, no pictures.

chetan had been here over the weekend. there was a huge professional sound and light exhibition called PLASA at earl’s court. and chetan, notorious for his obsession with the equipment, made a trip to london from bournemouth. it was a crazy three days that raced past, surrounded by digital consoles, mighty heart-stopping speakers, lights that would take a small truck to transport them to the venue…and a chance to see the place where pink floyd’s P.U.L.S.E. happened! took a lot of pics there. but sad to say, the card in the camera had some issues in transferring them to my laptop. it wanted me to format, which means a loss of all the images. will find out a way to get that done and post the pics here. but before that, i have to send them to chetan, who by now has sent me innumerable texts and mails!

coming back to the point of one year going by…a new batch will come at kingston. and four of my friends as well. though only one of them will be in my uni. i’ve been suggesting quite a lot of things to them online, what to pack, what to buy here, what to expect, the usual. and i feel good. because i had no one to tell me what to do when i landed here. everything was trial and error. cooking, getting around town, managing myself. but i believe i’ve been quite successful at keeping myself in one piece! though there have been times when i’d wished i’d have been better off getting crushed in the morning train and going out for a fruit salad with ice cream and jelly at 3am with friends in dahisar. well, there will be time for that. and i hope pretty soon 🙂

that’s that then! one year gone. a few more to come. and who knows what else.

signing off for now. cya soon.


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