“Just let me know how you feel when you land in Bombay.”

“Trust me, the moment you land at the airport, you will feel as if someone’s choked you! I can’t stand the smell of shit and piss and garbage!”

“Don’t drink regular water in the first few days. And avoid eating out.”

This entry comes from Bombay. I landed here on the tenth after a series of unfortunate events (to borrow the film/book title), which included a fifteen hour wait in Bahrain and endless struggles with the one thing that eventually matters the most, money!

Yes! I am home after a year and a few months. And I did not feel choked by the pollution. I did not start sweating buckets and wish for the world to be air-conditioned the moment I stepped out of the plane. And I am yet to suffer from severe diarrhoea due to food and water poisoning. Which means the Bombay in me is strong enough to resist the excesses of London.

Purpose of visit – three of my best friends got married, two of them to each other! Swapnil on the tenth, and Bhushan and Shireen on the eleventh. No one knew I had decided to come except Bhushan and Chetan. My mom is yet to recover from the shock of seeing me at home with my bags at seven thirty in the morning.
I could smell the newspaper and tea as I walked in. Took a bath, changed and left for the wedding. It has been an absolute whirlwind since then. For example, this entry is coming from Pune where I have come to visit my uncle. The saddest thing is my trusty Nikon FM10 is bummed. The mirror mechanism is out of whack and will cost me a thousand rupees to repair. In GBP, that is thirteen pounds and a few pennies. But I am trying not to spend. Trying. The digital is acting strange. So I wont be having any pictures in this post.

Shank, sorry 😦

Done with the course; passed with commendation (67%). I don’t want to look back and get all dramatic about ‘the time gone by’. Clichés and reminiscence amount to gilding the past with an all too familiar coat of sugar, which gets icky with overuse. But a little bit never hurt anyone!
The class got together very well towards then end of the course, with everyone helping each other out with displays. The last day was a bit sad as most of us were not going to meet each other in the future. We tried to spend as much time possible in the Bargehouse taking pictures and stuff. Had a great time!

Home. Feels like I never got too far from here. It is very hectic compared to the slow, controlled and systematic life of London. Other than that, I personally didn’t feel any different. Took the train the very next day after Bhushan’s wedding. Managed to get in and out with no injuries to self or others. Had a very expensive chicken chilly at Mondy’s. Drank the tap water. Walked down Colaba causeway. Haggled for a couple of scarves, which I eventually purchased for less than half the price quoted! Met friends and family. Have been eating fish since the day I arrived. All in all, nothing has changed except the prices! Which is cause for worry. But things will even out. Our economy isn’t half as bad as of these so-called developed nations.

Feel a bit hot behind the ears throughout the day. Other than that, the weather hasn’t been as harsh as expected. Evenings are pleasant. The fish is fresh. Shank’s dad makes excellent prawns rice! The seating arrangement and number of cushions in my home has changed, though a lot of my cds are missing!!

Nothing else seems different. Nothing at all. And I guess that is what home is all about. When you know which button is for the fan, and you notice that the palm plant in the kitchen window has grown a bit since you left.

See you soon. With hopefully a lot more photos.


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