sketchy recollections

here are some of the photographs from my recent visit back home. there’s not too many of them as my film camera was bummed and the digital i have desperately wants to see the pearly gates, kick the bucket, meet its maker, croak, drop off its mortal coil…you get the drift.

to start with, i had to get my camera repaired. so, i went to victoria terminus. this place has the best camera shops in the city. i found a nikon 50/1.4 for something close to 50 pounds. it was used but still, it didn’t have a blemish on the lens, was in perfect condition, and very very buyable. but i did not. no reasons given. thank you. got my camera repaired while i waited. took an hour and one thousand rupees. since i had the digi with me, i went around the place snapping.


this is the lane where my most trusted camera shop is. i purchased my vivitar 28-210, a monster of a lens from here. the whole area is like this, populated with street shops selling everything from mickey mouse print jockey underwear to digital slrs.

i then proceeded to chimanlals and new excelsior, wallace street to be precise. the lanes in south bombay thankfully still retain their british names, which adds to their character.





next was a trip to pune to meet my mom’s brother. the car ride was fun!



it was great to meet my youngest cousins.


that’s anuya. hardly three. slow to open up, she is a jumping screaming ball of energy once she is charged up! the next morning, she came up to me with a pile of books and made me read every story. by the time we were ready to leave, she kept repeating, “mala london la yaychay.'” meaning “i want to come to london.”so much so that ten minutes after we left, she made my mami call us up and let us know that she still hadn’t given up on her london plans!


sameep. the wiz kid. always busy with his computer games, he is the quiet type. but as anuya, once charged, he will tire you out with endless games of pool and air hockey, which he will win with the ease of a pro, making you look like a dumb newbie! i remember when mama had visited us. sameep must have been a year or so. he loved trains. mama and i had taken him to the station. he would jump in glee every time a train passed by, and made us wait for almost an hour! his obsession with machines is quite evident from the huge collection of trucks and engines he has at home.

i had a great time. two weeks is hardly any time though. it all seemed like a webcam visit, where i just sat around, a muddle of voices and faces coming from my computer. and a lot of things left to say and do…

the time will come. 🙂


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