Happy New Year to everyone! 2009 promises to be filled with new beginnings, new observations, new developments and everything that makes each one of us content!
Okay, now I wont get emo, as Shank always admonishes me for. Let’s get on.

Snowed here day before. Was at home with Prateeksha. She had come over as we hadn’t talked or exchanged details since the time I came back from Bombay. We didn’t realise that it was almost 3 a.m. I casually glanced out of the window and saw that the whole back garden was white. Thought it might have been frost. But no!!! It was SNOW! (I know Shank will get into his snow-big-deal mood now!) Since everyone in the flat was fast asleep, I whispered to Prateeksha and she almost screamed! It was her first ever snow. I remembered how I felt last year. Was working, and that too on a Sunday. It was too good! And it was great having the same experience with someone for whom it was a new thing.

Walked Pratee back to her Uni accommodation at Seething Wells. The roads and cars and everything was covered in snow. We on purpose took the lesser walked upon paths. The snow made strange sounds under our shoes. We had too much fun trying not to wake people up at that hour! Reached Seething Wells, and a snow war was on!! Everyone around was either armed with snowballs or was being pelted with them. It did not seem like three in the morning at all. Reached her flat, made coffee and took pictures.









The blog, according to the only few dedicated readers I have, has dried up both in the flow of content and the style. It seems like a ‘pravaaswarnan’ or a travelogue – been here done that saw this ate that. Sorry to say, I do not know how to share my experiences with the readers in any other way. I have been told to write about the difficult times I have had here, about what I do everyday, events and eventualities that shape my life here. All I can say is that all of that is trivial, very commonplace and boring. It is something that everyone faces, irrespective of where they are. As of now, all I have is the KFC job, which I have started working full-time for. So I have only two days free in the week. I leave for work at five in the evening, am back home by two in the morning, take a bath and read. I can’t sleep till five. Am reading Two Lives by Vikram Seth now. It is turning out to be a good read towards the end. I always make a mental note to myself to read as much as I can about WWII. I try to sleep after reading but I can’t because the heating is too much. I can’t even open the window as the wind rushes in and freezes my head. Somehow, listening to the drone of the heater and the birds outside, I fall asleep, only to wake up at two or three in the afternoon. Then it is the same scramble for bread, eggs, coffee, butter croissants before going to KFC again. That’s what a typical day is all about. I haven’t been shooting at all. Have a couple of rolls yet to be developed. Waiting for having enough money to spare for that. You see, I have to apply for the visa extension which is going to cost me five hundred pounds, not to mention the 800 which I have to maintain for three months. Which has been difficult. Everything concerning money has been difficult. But then, things will get better. They have to.

Am in touch with almost all my friends over the net. Rauter got engaged on the 25th of December and will get married in May. Bhushan-Shireen and Swapnil-Saakshi are having a great time, though I haven’t spoken to the latter since I left. Abhijeet is sad that now there are only couple picnics in the group! I told him to be around Addy, as he is the only other lukkha around! I shall join them when I come to Bombay. It feels nice looking back on all the years, and noticing how my friends whom I have known for close to 15 years now, suddenly look ‘married.’ It is a strange feeling, but then reassuring to know that the family has increased, and will continue to after the arrival of little Bhushans and Swapnils! That would be too much.

That’s all for now. Will be back with new pictures hopefully. And yes, please have a look at this link for my birthday snaps. All taken by Mina. Have to get the pics from Sandra’s and Julia’s cameras. Will do that the next time we meet.


Bye then! Have a great year. Love.



  1. Gr8 pics buddy..though only few..I had stucked on job on that snowing night, thinking all the time dat ‘How can I ride my bike on this snowy road to get back to home in the morning?’…Lolz.

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