crib. complain. shout

i’ve been having this terribly niggling headache for the past few days. something that runs from the side of my left eye, round to the top of the ear and back to the left shoulder, all supported quite well by a constant throbbing behind the eye. i have no clue when it started, but this is not the first time. and it is always the left side. don’t know what to do about it. crocin does not help.maybe it will go on its own if i ignore it.

come january end and my student visa will expire.  i will no longer have a right to live in this country. the visa extension guideline says i need to have 800 pounds in my account for three months consecutively, and constantly, to be eligible for the extension. not to mention the additional 400 which will be gobbled up as fees. the thing is, i do not have the required amount, in spite of getting the money transfered in december. things could get pretty bleak (meaning ‘start packing bags for CSI airport’) if nothing works out by the end of this week. i have been looking for short courses and have found a few at my university. you see, if i do a short course (or any course for the love of covent garden), i will be able to stay back until the three months clause is satisfied. i do not know if that is legally possible. the problem with people here is whenever you ask them for advice, they refer you to their websites. well, if we all go on to websites for information, the ‘people’ in their ‘offices’ are not required at all, isn’t it? which is exactly what i have decided to question the next person who refers me to any bloody website. all in all, it’s a royal stinking mess i am in right now. and i’m finding it quite stressful to keep a clear head.

reading helps, and so does music. got naipaul’s ‘the enigma of arrival’ reissued from the library using prateeksha’s uni card. had been reading that book before the masters project started. a very good read! get your hands on a copy if you can. have clapton’s autobiography as well. started a few pages but got bored. don’t know why. thing is, with too much going on in my head, i am fiinding it tough to keep my mind on one thing. naipaul helps though, as his book is melancholy and talks about the author dealing with the idea of flux as opposed to decay. there is a profound understanding in the book of solitude, of country life and of nature’s affirmation of the constancy of the one thing that never changes – change itself.

but the headache…both physical and metaphorical. i have given myself one week to sort things out. or else, see me soon. very soon.


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