leaving london

bare branches, huge piles of autumn in gardens, the confusing warmth that came with a chill, mindlessly obedient traffic, beautiful gardens, cats with light orange eyes reclining on walls at the exact same spot everyday, the guy at londis, university buses, university lunch, the hogsmill with all the funny looking birds floating on it and the other ones sitting around it in their funny little dresses, vaughan oliver, ethan, mina, sandra, jenny, dan, mercy, rachel, mike, ewan, xiaowei, kaye, niall, paul, susan, studios, pizza hut, the evil chicken at dallas, barcadia, tottering little grannies with their checquered cloth shopping bags, francoise, julien, the world’s best strawberry juice, ham and cheese sandwich, a very little room with a window opening to the back garden, birdsong at half past four, pence coins in empty washed jam bottles, one pine cone sitting on the shelf, kishori at six in the morning, cooking, cooking the same old things for a year, wondering why, typing without looking at the keys and being overjoyed at all the correct spellings, andris being taken over by indian ocean and wanting more, ameya and gang, conversations right through the night till seven a.m., rahul the wrestler, beer cans all over the house, coriander stuck to the back of the fridge, feeling at home, making the book, the book…



frost on cars, frost everywhere, the road shining like a millions stars, hands freezing, thawing them on the cooker flame, snow, walking on a carpet of white with shoes making strange sucking noises, prateeksha’s first snow, trying to catch the largest snowflake on my tongue, the diabolic swans by the river, beautiful little children feeding them bread, the lonely and extremely long walk to hampton court from kingston, cider, southbank, shashank, london eye, the frozen serpentine, random chats with leena, profound chats with leena, trying to keep a sane mind, bread for breakfast,lunch and dinner, just bread or biscuits, splurging on food without a care, laughing alone, staring at the spinning clothes in the washie, kfc, naliya, sutha, pratheepa, sara, adnan, bagdas, creating new things to eat after being bored of the same old menu, three a.m. baths and then not being able to sleep till six, loving to stay in the duvet till four in the evening…



tate modern, trafalgar, strand, china town, trying to shop on boxing day with divya and gang, venkat on gas, drunks in central, drunks everywhere, smell of weed at bus stops, southall a.k.a. delhi, east ham a.k.a. matunga, paan stains everywhere, seeing three britishers in one day, just three among a sea of turbans and dupattas, jeddee coka, telling the most frustrating jokes, wanting to structure this entry according to place and time, not doing it, eventually ending up following a pattern, vaughan liking the blog and telling everyone in class, shashank urging me to put up posts, missing too many photographs because of the lack of a digital slr, radhika, early dinner at the archduke, walk to leicester just for ice-cream, catching up on all the years, the bridge, the chubby waitress at the cafe, francoise’s mocha, the strawberry juice, bournemouth, dover, canterbury, not being able to eat any fish at whitstable, the birds, promising to come back, not doing so, the rush at the airport, losing my warmest muffler, keeping andre in my coat pocket, divya turning up from bournemouth, gajesh stuffing something in my bag…





everyone everything everywhere.


hating, liking, seeing, desiring…

loving london.






leaving london….



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