what’s on your mind?

facebook keeps asking me what’s on my mind.

well, you asked for it.

for starters, getting up at six and travelling to work is on my mind. how do i optimise my time? how do i wrestle with the crowd to get decent standing space? how do i learn not to break the jaw of some dumbfuck who’s playing his worthless crap labeled as music on his mobile loud enough for the ghost of napoleon to hear? what’s on my mind is the constant need to become insensitive. blind to beggars, to the filth around me. to not feel the constant jabs at my back coming from some asshole who wants to climb the bridge faster than anyone else. the need to shut off every stimulus that makes me want to scream out. yeah. what is on my mind is to become devoid of any emotion.

what else…hmmm

yea! what’s on my mind is how the bloody hell and when the bloody hell am i going to pay back the loan i took to study in the uk. then again, i am also considering the new job and how i am finding it difficult to move from offline advertising to online, learning a whole new approach in the process. yes and how can i forget simultaneously trying to re-enter offline in spite of being rejected for almost eight times, either for being overeducated or underexperienced.

yea, and then on my mind is when i am going to catch the new terminator movie. fuck you all who think it is bad. and when i will see ice age 3. and when i will go shooting with my friend shashank who is here on a vacation, and is leaving mid next week.

a lot is on my mind.


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