remembering to forget

remember ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?’ that fantastic film with the orangebluepink haired kate and a very very good jim carrey. where they erased their memories of each other…

i read something in the paper the other day. title – BREAKING UP? TAKE A PILL TO ERASE THE MEMORIES. it’s a small article, hardly 80 cc in size. following is an excerpt –

A team at Friedrich Miescher Institute in Switzerland could develop a memory-cleansing drug that has the ability to remove any recollection of unhappy or embarrassing incidents, like childhood teasing and upsetting memories of a failed love affair, from people’s minds, the Daily Mail reported.

now this is scary! this puts an entirely new light on films that we have seen in the past, and have watched wide-eyed as those technologies come true right in front of us. take Minority Report for example. the touch screen on which windows and files can be moved around. iphones!there are many other examples. but lets get back to the memory thing.

it would not be too long before people rush to labs to get their bad memories erased. the drug mentioned above, administered on animals, dissolved a barrier around the amygdala – the organ in the brain where mammals store their memories of fear. so what we are looking at in the near future, in the strictest orwellian sense, is an army of extremely happy people who will never remember a heartbreak or a humiliating ragging, who will forget that stepping on a sharp object causes pain; a remorseless people who will go on hurting others just for the fact that they wont remember it tomorrow.

the article ends thus –

Scientists worldwide have welcomed the prospect of such a drug to wipe out troubling memories.


now let me make a list of what i would like to forget! and if i see you, and i pass by without a recognising nod, you must have hurt me some time in the past.


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