national park visit

had been to the SGNP with vidya and sankoch, vidya with her nikon d40 and i with my fm10 and ilford HP2, courtesy shank.


saw this little thing sitting in the middle of the road. i tried to move it away but it seemed to enjoy the patch of sun.


we headed on ahead to gandhi tekdi. it is a memorial built in the name of the great mahatma. used to give a good view of the city. but with the trees growing all around the place, it was difficult. also, there’s not much ‘city’ left to see. blue tarpaulin and exposed brick slums is all one sees.


we interested ourselves in a few nature pics there.






on our way down, i decided to go down on the tracks of the mini train to take a picture of a tunnel…


…and a few scary looking roots.



love how this one came out! i didn’t want the flash to fire, but it did, giving me an unexpectedly good image 🙂

in the words of forrest gump, “well, that’s all i can say about that.”

had some good images which got screwed either by my camera or the lab. will find out about that soon.


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