vasai fort

visited vasai fort after a very long time. mustv’e been more than four years.





i am personally going to knock senseless anyone doing this. there was a girl here who tried it on one of the huge doors (pics coming ahead). she threw away the chalk when i gave her one of my famous drill-through-skull glares.


found this guy all eaten up. this is for you, S.



this is one of the most beautiful structures there. it has an open terrace on top, with a flagpole in place. i had come here on a scout hike. we were made to walk all the way from the station to the fort, while our sirs went by waving merrily in a rickshaw.

there’s a temple right under the structure. standing in the archway, you can smell the incense floating up.


this is probably the only well maintained cathedral in the fort campus. they had locked it from the inside. last time i’d been there, the walls were being whitewashed. apparently, the ASI (Archeological Society of India) has undertaken the conservation work of the fort complex. not much work has happened since the last time i had visited though.



this reminded me of villas in spain or sicily. whitewashed walls, blocks of  steps, niches here and there…

left this place after almost three hours of languishing on the steps. there is an area perpetually shielded from the sun, cool and calm. ideal for a sit down lunch and a quick nap thereafter!

went ahead and took a turn i had never taken. we always used to visit the areas we knew well, had our sandwiches and chats and left for the beach. this time round, i went on. and found the sea side entrance of the fort!





these are the doors on which that stupid girl was trying to inscribe her love for eternity. S asked me why those doors are still there; the villagers could have easily chopped them down and taken them home. i think it probably is a bit of respect those people have for a structure that has protected them and is a part of their lives and histories.


that was the last pic of my roll.

i will definitely go there once again. might take vidya along for her dslr.

have started saving for my own. aiming for the 5d. next year december for my birthday. wish me luck 🙂



  1. You have photographed the old fort so amazingly! Throwing a new light on all the nooks and crannies I have known from childhood days (nearly every school excursion would see us at the Fort or Chimaji Appa gardens).

    One of my favourite areas of the fort are the ramparts. You almost feel a sense of what it would have been to be the conqueror of such a place – looking out towards the sea…

    • thanks for your comment, mrs. foogya!
      saw your website. lovely recipes. would like to try a few. will definitely put up pictures 🙂

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