talmaki wadi

had been to talmaki wadi in bombay central a few weeks back to help my friend aditya with his phd thesis.

talmaki wadi is a very old chawl, one of the few remaining historical places in the city. built as low cost accommodations, some areas in the south of the city are replete with these awesome wooden structures. they represent a simpler, more content life the city once had.

talmaki wadi is a concrete building dwarfed by recently built skyscrapers. the entire area has been going through a transformation that leaves the old timers dumbstruck. it is a poignant moment to see some old grandfather sitting in the balcony of his chawl room, wrinkly hand on the railing, white sadra hanging on loosely on his shoulders, looking out at the traffic and wondering where all the time and the people and the simplicity went.

here are a few pictures from my three days in a small room on the fourth floor of talmaki wadi.




the kitchen –



lunch – fried fish and fish in spicy gravy with lots of rice!






and as if all the architectural nostalgia was not not enough, aditya opened a cupboard and brought out these –


age old spools! aditya’s father and his gang have recorded almost 20 hours of rare classical and semi classical music on these tapes. but because of a broken spool player, they have been lying around for decades. we are hunting form someone who will repair the player for us. and once that is done, there will be another entry with us sitting and enjoying analog nostalgia!




  1. Oh my dear wadi!! I miss you soooooooo much… Thanks for these picture its brings back so many memories! The best place and people ever!! Love my wadi!! 😉

    • hi shilpa. thanks for your comment. glad my pictures helped you to connect with the wadi. sad that many of such beautiful places are being razed down to make way for luxury apartments for the super-rich. very few people can really fathom the significance these places have in so many lives. thanks again.

  2. I know and I have been hearing talks about redevelopment.. it breaks my heart that the whole essence of wadi will b gone forever in the coming years..! Your pictures look great..thanks again.

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