8:17 churchgate slow from borivali. i plug in my earphones and play floyd’s division bell.

cluster one never ceases to amaze me. i picture myself sitting in an airport lounge, everything happening in slow motion, every step of the dolled up flight attendants synchronised to the piano…

it’s raining heavily outside, the rivers of rain running down the huge glass windows with the nose of a plane almost touching one of the glass sheets. i sit there watching this slow sensuous dance of everyday life, expecting a miracle or an accident, just something to break the overwhelming simplicity; the simplicity of the music that permeates into this scene and weaves through it like life itself.


every track on the album ignites vivid imagery. but most of all, it is high hopes that gets me; every single time! i remember seeing it on mtv for the first time some 14-15 years back and being totally amazed by the video – the massive balloons, the tall people, the big cycle wheel falling into a stream…it filled me with something i cannot put a finger on even now, after all those years. it was a mix of dread, longing, nostalgia, anger, a desperation borne out of defeat in trying to save something close to the heart. and the words so sublime, encompassing everything one might ever feel about a time and a place gone by.


the entire album lasted me till the exact moment i entered my office building gate. timed for the train journey and the walk from the station. helping me to ignore the honking, the noise, the shrieking women, the haze in the air and the empty eyes of people.


mornings are supposed to be harbingers of hope and positivity. if i didn’t have my music, i would probably have disappeared by now. all the hope and positivity i have comes from these songs. i have nowhere to direct all that hope but inside. because outside,

Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon
Though down this road we’ve been so many times…





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