We create monsters to materialise our nebulous feeling of angst. And to control our fear we chasten our negative emotions and fight the monsters. But it is a fight which cannot be won – because as long as you fight something then you acknowledge its very existence.

In early horror films the monsters are menacing but tragic at heart. They are outsiders, outcasts, loners… feared and hunted by the human race. At the same time they are destructive and full of vengeance. Like juvenile delinquents they are at war with themselves and the rest of the world, causing chaos in their wake. In contrast the children here in uniform are model citizens, obedient and well adjusted. They believe in the concept of right and wrong – something which they have been taught. But their childish eagerness to please and lack of knowledge has been misguided. They have been raised as an army to kill the trauma that possesses their society… to slay the world’s monsters unquestioningly.


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