sexist google

first it was the “white men stole my car did you mean black men stole my car” nonsense. and now, this!

what you see here is a first hand experience. google spat this up when i was looking for names of successful indian businesswomen for some office work.

see, copy, spread the word.



  1. you do know that GOOGLE as a company has nothing to do with it but the PEOPLE who use it, and me…it just means that MORE people search for “successful indian bisunessmen” and NOT “successful indian bisunesswomen”

  2. businesswoman is not techinically a word… when you start typing you’ll see that one of the suggestions is successful indian business women

    • hey! thanks for that. i realised it pretty much after i posted the image. i have been terribly caught up with work and have not had time to look at the blog.

      thanks again 🙂

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