blast from the past!

i’ve been busy.

new job, a few good places to travel, struggling with the absence of a dslr, having no time on my hands to get the rolls developed, etc. etc.

well, now i am back!

thanks to all those dedicated followers who have been checking my blog and pushing me, inspiring me, egging me on, and eventually resorting to profanity, to make an update!

so here goes –

the following pictures are from a trip i’d made to the kanheri caves situated in the sanjay gandhi national park in borivali. had been there with six of my students. yes! i teach. in the same college i did my mass media degree from.

ok. so six students where 35 were expected! i was not disappointed though, as it is better to manage six of them than the whole bunch.

as usual, my nikon fm10 with a fuji b/w film. now, my camera has developed light leakage issues so a lot of the pictures were all fogged out. i’ve selected the better ones.


the last one here is from my home window.

about the caves – they are centuries old buddhist caves carved out of a single rock. the caves validate the presence of intelligent life in borivali, given the current situation.

more pictures from other travels of mine coming up. give me a day or two and i shall return!



  1. Amazing place! Isn’t B/W photos amazing? I like colours, really like but sometimes just B/W speak more then adding some colours. Another place I would like to go someday

  2. My God…stayed in Mumbai for month last August. The Sanjay Ghandhi National forest was on my agenda and friend talked me out of it. Looking at your pics now I realize my mistake. I have been to Karla Cave, but this looks like splendour.

    • all the caves in and around mumbai are brilliant! the architecture is pretty similar.
      where are you from? what do you do?

      • I am from the western side of Canada, but I have spent a lot of time in India, primarily around Maharashtra. Lived in Versova last year for Ganesh Festival. I have a love-hate affair with Mumbai and her brilliant writers.

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