phansad wildlife sanctuary

visited a wildlife sanctuary some months back. (i’ve been sitting with the pictures for so long that i even forgot when we went!)

known for its variety of birds, phansad is a sanctuary close to alibaug. summer had dried off most of the foliage when we reached. was a good weekend though, disturbed nonetheless by the presence of bimbettes who cried and screamed at every crack of a twig under the car’s wheels as we went for animal spotting late into the night. and a great man (i shall not name him) who had had an overdose of discovery channel, and therefore tried emulating the wildlife researchers by hanging out of the car window, stepping out into the forest whenever something shone in the headlights and fearlessly walking towards it, and meditating in the middle of the open ground at four in the morning.

we spent the night on a machaan (observation tower). the wind made holding on to our bedsheets very difficult, and i feared being carried off by it and landing on a treetop, with the sheet like a cape behind me. the bimbettes made listening to the bird calls impossible with their giggling. i get extremely cranky if i don’t get my sleep. which made me snap at them a few times, to no avail.

all things said, it was a good trip. here’s ‘proof.’

phansad is a haven for birdwatchers. we managed to see a few birds, of which i have no pictures 😛 got to see the faint outline of a hornbill against the sun and one peregrine falcon, and a lot of other common birds. the trip then extended to the close-by murud-janjira fort.

now this is a 300 year old cannon. made from a special mix of metals, it was almost cool to the touch in the blistering heat! it is supposed to be one of the three heaviest cannons in the country. with a range of eight kilometers, i am sure this would have been one scary mother!

if i could find anyone doing this, i’m sure i’d slap them right across their faces. and probably carve their names on their foreheads, a la inglorious basterds.

mandatory ‘fun’ pic!

brilliant copy there!

nikon fm10 with the recently acquired 28-200 tamron and fuji crystal 400 film.

more pictures from other journeys coming soon.  hang on.


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