from my 30D!!

yes please!

i recently acquired a canon 30d dslr. was initially planning to buy a nikon d90 with a 50/1.8 which would have costed me about 42 grand. but the canon deal came along for almost half the price of the nikon. second-hand 30d with the kit lens. i jumped at it and here are a few first images.

love canon ūüôā

that’s from a fragrant flowering plant we have in our grill. has a light but sharp scent that floats about the room in evenings.

got my home painted a few months back. not as painful as before as odourless paints were used and the workers were quick and efficient. and i wasn’t home most of the time, so paint smell related migraines were avoided. here’s some pictures.

meine mutter

the end result after 15 days of paint, putty and trying to locate everyday objects in vain, was pretty good. it’s looking much better now. need to take some of the old furniture out and add bits and pieces here and there to complete the look i have in mind. and yes, i will buy a bamboo plant!

it’s ¬†monsoon here in mumbai. and i feel like a complete bum for not having gotten completely wet, either by chance or choice. i have sadly allowed work to take over my life. i catch up on sleep over the weekend and have missed many a great opportunity to use my camera to get some wonderful rain pictures.

nevertheless, i made a  trip the sanjay gandhi national park a few weeks back. got to shoot quite a bit.

summers are bleak and the landscape looks seared. but it’s all lovely and green in the rains!

there’s an old store house like structure at the start of the kanheri caves. makes for a great picture! am thinking of getting these framed.

the kanheri caves are from 1200 AD and were built by buddhist monks. there are about 109 caves in the park.

like the super intelligent beings that we are, we decided to go there on a sunday. it was as crowded as raghuleela mall looks like over the weekend!

for those who don’t know what that means, try to imagine a million screaming kids, loud music emanating from hannah montana promotions, half the gujarati population of mumbai, ahmedabad and london with waists well over the unhealthy side of the measuring tape chomping on whatever they fish out of crackling plastic bags, and you have raghuleela mall.

we managed to find a few caves left alone by the mall army. the caves are beautiful, with inner temperatures quite below the outside, intricate carvings on some, meticulously planned waterways and tanks.

as most photography schools will tell you, a portrait enhances certain defining characteristics of a subject. aditya followed that to a T in this one!


quite a few caves ¬†have some script carved on the walls. it is the ancient ‘brahmi’ script. wiki says it is pretty ancient and is derived from aramaic and kharoshti scripts. will need to read up on that.

went around for a walk and aditya found this little guy.

i, on the other hand, found this one.

found a congregation of butterflies just a bit ahead. if i remember correctly, they are known as ‘common crow.’

someone left their friend back outside one of the caves. seems like he was punished for misbehaving!

the clouds started filling up pretty fast as we came down from the caves.

except for the crowd, it was a great trip. and yes, i love my camera! am getting comfortable with it. find the lens a bit fuzzy though. could be my eyes as well. need to spend a day or two with it just shooting.

all images processed from RAW.

ending this post with a bit of rain.


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