more from the 30d

to the uninitiated, i also teach. weekend lectures on ad design, creative writing and photography at my degree college. second and third year bachelors in mass media course.

my first batch of students recently graduated. they had the entire coat and cap ceremony with principal’s address et al. i didn’t have mine in both my degree and my masters 😦

anyway, here’s some pictures from the day.

that’s kavita. one of my ‘gang.’

janardhan. very good photographer.

taking the camera to work is always a bitch, given the horrible crowds in the train. i’m being too precious about the camera, as shank would say! he suggested i take it everywhere like i used to take my nikon. i am trying…

here are a few pics from my office space.

had been to pop tate’s with friends. great place to have lots of beer and chill with friends.

that’s chetan.


“hey! i bought a DSLR! now i can blur backgrounds like those professional photographers. yaay!”

in chetan’s car back home.

mandatory rain pic!

that’s about it for now. i will be updating as and when i find time. this one comes from the office.

see ya.


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