late. again.

having to think of a subject for each post seems like a bit of a chore! so here i am, back with some pictures that are, well, late!

a flower of the aboli plant. in marathi, it means silent / unspeaking. we have a little nursery of sorts in our window grills, where you’d find curry leaves, palms, aloe vera, hibiscus and many more. it’s great to sit on a rainy evening, watching rain drops play with the little branches hanging out. this picture was taken on one such evening.

dinner at ivy. good food. nice wine. but noisy people.

more from national park. that’s dr. aditya with a crabby little fella we found on the way.

the original VW bug!

had been around mumbai with students for a heritage walk. information about the people who organise the walk can be found here.

we started at the asiatic library, took a walk inside, which was great! i have always wondered why ‘open days’ like those in london are not organised in bombay, where civilians have open access to libraries, court houses, civic institutions, heritage buildings.

my guess would be to save these places from being vandalised and spat on, given the brilliant civic sense we have! good, in a way, that whatever’s left of this city, is being saved from savages.

anyway, here are a few pictures from the walk.

the butterfly is from horniman circle gardens.

we then proceeded to st. thomas cathrdral, one of the very few cathedrals in the world that has memorial plaques on its walls. these are to be seen to believed! exquisite marble carvings, names that hark back to the british times, exquisite stained glass, inspiring architecture…it’s hard to imagine that such beauty exists right in the middle of the prime business district of the city.

after the walk, which ended abruptly on account of torrential rain, we went to watch despicable me. if you love animated films, this is one moview you have to watch!

had awesome chicken cutlets and sandwiches at new excelsior cafe, which is nestled comfortable in an area that has two of the biggest single screen theatres in the city – new excelsior and new empire. i remember watching basic instinct and sliver there a decade back! also, there’s sterling, one of my most favourite movie houses that fell prey to the stupidity of multiplexes. absolutely beautiful place to be!

here’s a view from the cafe –

i walk to my office from the train station. on the way, there’s the very well-known dhobi ghat. every morning, i find sprightly travellers with their well-thumbed lonely planets in hand gawking and clicking away at so many clothes being flogged clean!

the most natural landscape you’d find in bombay –

that’s about it for now. there are more pictures which i will be posting soon from my visit to kelwa and a ganpati pandal i visited.

maybe in the evening today…!


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